Jibun Techo | Weeks 26 & 27 in 2021

On Monday mornings I spend a little time looking at the week that just ended – how am I using my time? Does it match my overarching goals and and values? Today we’ll be (briefly) looking at two weeks since I took a little blogging vacation last week!

I’ve had two very good weeks; they were both well-balanced, quiet, and full of rest. And rain! We’ve gotten so much rain in July and I am so thankful for it.

Three things that stand out:
1) Matthew was on vacation last week, which prompted my little blogging vacation.

2) A bear discovered one of our chicken coops and we lost three chickens last Friday. That crazy and scary morning prompted some coop fortification which was badly needed. I won’t go into all of the details but I nearly walked into a bear in my nightgown, which is not how I want to go down.

3) We’re starting a new year of Blackberry Bluff School today! I am so ready – I’ve been working hard gathering curricula and materials for the last couple of months. It will be nice to finally execute some of my plans.

Two other good things: today is day 464 of my daily journaling streak and day 198 of my meditation streak. It feels good to continue to prioritize those morning routines despite relaxing so many of my other habits in the last couple of weeks.

We’re expecting a lot of rain this week, which is a good time to return to school — we won’t be so tempted to run outside right away! I’m hoping to do a lot of knitting because I’m really enjoying this second Spark cardigan and it’s a great companion to the super long audiobook I have going (Outlander). This cardigan is also really easy to pick up/put down in odd moments, so it’s growing despite much effort on my part. I can’t wait to share it with you on Wednesday!

I hope you all have a great start to your week!


11 thoughts on “Jibun Techo | Weeks 26 & 27 in 2021

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  1. Yikes! A bear is scary! (When you said you almost ran into it in your nightgown, I had a flashback to when Ma slaps the bear in the Little House series, thinking it’s the cow.) I’m sorry about the chickens.

    I hope it’s a good week to restart school!


  2. I am chuckling that Sarah and I had the same thought about the “Ma and the Bear” encounter! But yikes! Perhaps Bear Bells need to be stitched into your nightgown hem! 😉 But yes… I am so sorry you lost some chickens.

    I am excited to see where school takes you all this year!


  3. I’m so glad you enjoyed some real “summer vacation” (and sorry about the reality of chickens and bears. oh my.) Sending up good wishes for the new school year. and look forward to positive purple in the weeks to come!


    1. Thanks, Mary! We’ve lost a lot of chickens since we started keeping them and I always feel guilty that I’m not able to keep them safe. But it’s part of keeping hens, of course. Thanks for your kind words about our new school year!


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