Full of Joy Friday | Week 24 in 2021

I like to share a few joyful moments from the week each Friday. “You too can be carved anew by the details of your devotions,” says Mary Oliver – so let’s be devoted to spotting joy!

+ The picture above is my view while I’m doing my morning yoga and meditation around 5am. I love the cherry tree near the front and the apple tree in the far left. I especially love the cosmos and petunias peeking out of the windowbox. It’s easy to rest my face in a half-smile with this view!

+ Matthew and I finished Mare of Easttown on Sunday night. It was so good! Kate Winslet was amazing – I laughed, cried, cringed, covered my face, and guessed throughout the whole season. It was exactly what we needed.

+ I had lunch with three friends on Monday! Two of them are still working (the other is retired), and they were kind enough to take time off from work so that I could join their gathering, since weekends are so hard for me. And then you’ll never believe it: Colton’s services got cancelled that day, so Matthew ended up staying home with all three kids anyway. I nearly cancelled on my friends and spent the morning tearfully trying to decide what to do, but I decided to go. It was the right decision. I still needed to leave rather quickly, but it was a nice hour and a half with them!

+ This is the first year we’ve stuck a hummingbird feeder on the window in front of my desk and it makes early morning and late evening time at the computer even sweeter. I can see the hummingbird zoom straight towards me and linger at the feeder, dipping into each well until it’s ready to zoom away. Luckily the cat hasn’t realized what’s happening over here yet!

I don’t think I’ll be back on Sunday because I don’t have a poetry collection started. So unless a poem sneaks up on me somehow, I’ll plan to be back on Monday with a picture from my notebook. I hope you all have the best possible weekend and take good care.

Oh! And as always, I’d love to hear where you’ve found joy this week!


15 thoughts on “Full of Joy Friday | Week 24 in 2021

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  1. It is indeed the small events and things in life that bring joy! Thank you for sharing your moments and here’s to a joyful weekend for you and oyur family.


  2. I am really glad that you decided not to cancel that lunch with your friends — because I’m sure you needed that time and that dose of joy! One thing that really brings me joy these days is the early (and late) light. It makes it harder to sleep in on the weekends, but I love getting up for work during the week and not having to stumble around in the darkness.


  3. I love the overflowing with joy post! (I have had bits of joy in my week… sleeves that fit into the arm scythe, blossoms on squash plants and beans, and finishing a book that made me nod and laugh!) Have a great weekend!


  4. I am also happy that you went to that lunch and I love the view. Have you read Naomi Shihab Nye? Not that you need to come back on Sunday but in case you are looking for another poet.


  5. Beautiful flowers! So glad you had lunch with your friends. I bet it did you a world of good. Hopefully it filled your cup.

    I was able to go to a friend’s house last night and watch “In the Heights” on HBO Max (which I don’t have.) It was so good! Being able to safely gather indoors and watch a movie is so joyful!


    1. Thank you, Laila! The lunch was wonderful and I did my best to shake off my guilt while I was there! Yay for watching movies with friends!! I haven’t watched In the Heights yet, but it looks like fun!

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  6. oh wow, I love how LIGHT it is at 5am! YAY for a lunch out with friends 🙂 I found joy in some wonderful books and a few hours of porch time.


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