A Look Into Our Notebooks | Week 20 in 2021

Each Monday I spend a little time looking at the week that just ended. This is to make sure I’m using my time to cultivate habits that support my overarching goals and values. But it’s also to look back and remember all that I accomplished because sometimes that’s easy to forget!

Now that we’re back to homeschooling, this was a pretty typical week for us. Today marks day 414 of my daily journaling streak and 149 straight days of meditation. The most exciting change is that I’ve added daily flower watering into my morning routine – I’ve been doing it after I take care of the chickens and bunnies. I enjoyed that early morning time outside last week!

Another exciting shift is that I spent a couple tiny drops of time sewing in the basement. I’m hoping I can embrace the slowness of inching towards the completion of something instead of racing through so I can call it “done”. I’ve been thinking a lot about my making over the last few days, thanks to this post from Kat. I think part of why I’ve completely stopped sewing and knitting is because I haven’t been very thoughtful about what I need. In a lot of ways, the things I make work against my goal of paring down to the essentials in order to simplify my life. It doesn’t make sense to knit another shawl or pair of socks because those drawers are overflowing. My quilt chest cannot be stuffed any tighter. I think it’s time to tackle garment sewing to fill some holes in my wardrobe and that is a SCARY thought.

Meals this week:
I share my meals to keep me accountable to meal planning. We went light on cooking because it’s really starting to warm up. I’m going to try incorporating some crockpot meals next week so we don’t have to add heat to the house by using the oven!

Monday: we had leftovers from the weekend, so we ate through those on Monday to prevent waste.

Tuesday: Matthew made a quick carbonara. We had everything on hand (spaghetti noodles, bacon, and plenty of eggs thanks to our hens) and it was delicious!

Wednesday: Black bean burrito bowls + quinoa – this is another delicious vegan meal that comes together in a flash, especially when you cook the quinoa in the instant pot. My 7 year old gets the most excited about it! One of the best parts is that we only have to buy two cans of black beans because all of the ingredients are staples that we nearly always have (yes, even the quinoa. We keep this great big bag on hand.) It’s affordable, easy, and takes almost no planning.

Thursday: hot dogs and potato chips. Because sometimes that’s just the best meal possible.

Friday: Matt braved the warming weather and made homemade pizzas again. We’re going to have to think about how devoted we are to pizza Fridays as summer approaches and ordering weekly pizzas isn’t an affordable option for our family of 5.

Saturday: We ordered barbecue from a local place. They never disappoint!

Sunday: Matthew made kabobs – Greek Steak Kabobs and Greek Chicken Kabobs. The weekend was humid, so cooking outside was a major perk!

And that’s it! I can’t believe the weekend is over and I’m already writing another Monday post. Tomorrow I’m planning to be back with my monthly One Little Word check-in. I hope I see you then!


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  1. Have you ever tried pizza on the grill? I haven’t, but I know people do it all the time, and I kind of want to try it this summer. I’m okay turning on the oven because we always have the AC up so high in the summer, but I’ll bet it tastes different on the grill.

    Once again I am jealous that your kids will eat things like beans and quinoa! Those burrito bowls sound delicious, but I know I’d be the only one in the family who’d actually enjoy them.


  2. I have been enjoying my sewing time so much, especially after so many years of putting sewing on hold due to my work schedule. But I am also feeling a new perspective opening up that has me thinking more about resources, time and materials, and connections to other makers and creators. I hope you keep finding the joy in the slowness.


    1. I’m so interested in reading more about how your sewing life has shifted. I’m TRYING to find joy in the slowness and have been slowly working towards the completion of a couple of projects – including the Stay at Home Round Robin quilt! I DO like that it gives me lots of time to think about design and where I want to go with the quilt, rather than just rushing through to a haphazard finish.


  3. Thanks for sharing the meals you make. I had something of a meltdown this weekend over meal planning, my lack thereof and feeling overwhelmed by trying to think of things to have when I get home at 6:00 and want to eat by 6:30-ish. Hot dogs and chips is a great meal! Also, I think I may need to invest in an instant pot.


    1. Oh, I’m sorry. If it makes you feel any better, you should know that I have lots of meal planning meltdowns and I don’t even leave the house to go to a job. THIS IS MY JOB!!!

      I was reluctant about the instant pot at first and thought that it would be just another unused appliance… but — it’s amazing, Laila. Truly, it is. And my instant pot has a slow cooker function, so I got rid of my old slow cooker and only have the one appliance now. It’s really, really helpful!

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  4. I wish we could have some sunshine. Weather wise its been rain all month, and May is usually the nicest months , not this year. Enjoy your outside dinners.


  5. Kat’s post made me put into words what I’ve been thinking for a while … I have plenty to make that’s not knitting sweaters – for sure that’s still my favorite kind of making, but I can knit socks (our drawers are nowhere near full) … and I can learn to sew quilts. My quilt drawer is empty and I have happy thoughts about picnics under shady trees with a handmade quilt. or a playspace at a brother’s baseball game …


    1. Kat’s post was exactly what I needed to read that day. I’m glad to see that she struck a chord with you as well! And yes, yes, yes to the quilt!! It’s so fun to watch fabric come alive when you’re working on a quilt. And I know you’d make something amazing!


    1. I have to admit – it was one of my favorite meals that week! The simplicity factor goes a long way some days 🙂

      I’m so happy to hear from you, Maggie! I hope school is going well!


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