A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 39 of 2020

A few weeks ago I shared that September is a hard month for me, but it’s for a silly reason. This is the time of year when I go into major angst mode about next year’s notebooks. Every week I think I have it figured out, and then I change my mind again. And again. And again. In this post, the angst continues.

Last week I said I was definitely going back to the Hobonichi Cousin, but I’ve now used the TN insert for a full week and I’m seeing some advantages of this format.

  • I can slip this is in my Travelers Notebook and still have my commonplace notebook nearby for a few quick thoughts or quotes. If I switch to a Cousin, then I’d have to carry two sets of notebooks around for the little things that crop up.
  • I’ve found a way to notate my very early morning hours by using the blank boxes at the top of each day. There’s just enough room to fit in rows for 4:30-6:30. Maybe this will curtail this fleeting notion I have about trying to wake up even earlier?
  • I already wanted a new Travelers Notebook cover that would fit my moleskine cahier notebooks, which I use for my book log and my commonplace book. Although this insert is standard sized and a bit skinnier than my moleskines, it would still fit in the travelers notebook that I’m eyeing right now. Or… this one? Or? (I think I could add links for hours.)
  • This system costs $10/year. The Hobonichi system… doesn’t.

So all of this means that I haven’t made up my mind yet. And — it’s still only September so I’m reminding myself not to go into a tailspin yet.

This morning marked 176 days straight of journaling! I’m always amazed when I tally up my updated count every Monday morning. I’ve never been so consistent with anything and I’m very pleased. It’s been so long now that it seems like I can’t remember a morning when I didn’t write a page in my notebook before doing anything else. And getting up to journal every morning sets the groundwork for me to turn to my computer and work on blog posts, which has led to the consistency with my blog that I’ve always wanted. Isn’t it funny how strengthening one habit (journaling) leads to another (blogging)?

Now it’s your turn to share your own notebooks! I’m no longer using the InLinkz system because I got a few messages saying that it wasn’t working for some reason. So please feel free to leave your link in the comments to share a recent post about how your notebooks have been helpful for you.


12 thoughts on “A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 39 of 2020

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  1. I think I haven’t said it before, but I hear you one the notebook/calendar problem!! This resonates with me so much … I have used the paperblanks calendars for years (in the 1 page per day format), but have switched to Leuchtturm two years ago, and I actually prefer that one. Now I find that I might have a little too much space or something is missing, but I can’t put my finger on what exactly …
    My morning pages book and my journal are separate from the calendar though, they are in two separate notebooks, and I feel more comfortable that way.

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with finding the perfect system!! 🙂 But trying out new systems is a lot of fun. I also like having my morning pages notebook separate from my planning system right now… it’s something to keep thinking about as I decide on next year’s notebooks.

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  2. Oh my, I am not surprised you are in a muddle with all this, getting up at 4.30 to write a journal is well -dedicated- to journal writing. I hate to suggest this but maybe you could drop the 4.30 wake up, unless there is a good reason for it, and maybe do less writing things down, unless there is a good reason- notebooks are useful tools but shouldn’t rule your life. Forgive me if I speak out of turn, but life is for living……………. what would happen if you just stopped? I’ll write about some more of my notebooks soon! I had no problems with your inlinz but I gather it doesn’t work well with wordpress.

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    1. You are definitely not speaking out of turn! But I fear I’ve misconstrued what my muddle is all about. I REALLY like waking up early. It ensures that I have time of my own before the kids start waking up (usually). And I love writing things down and documenting what’s going on, so I definitely don’t want to stop! I get so much angst over WHICH notebooks to use… there’s so many to choose from!

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      1. That’s alright then! I like my sleep, and if I woke at that time would do my best to go back to sleep- the notebook choice is a different issue! As you have seen I’m rrather ecelctic about mine- i can’t believe how many I have on the go at once- still got lots to share! Enjoy choosing your perfect notebooks.

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  3. I use this Traveler’s cover/set up (https://www.gouletpens.com/collections/travelers-notebooks/products/travelers-notebook-black-regular?variant=11884777472043). My favorite inserts are: Light Paper Notebook (013), and a Dot Grid (026). I had used the Weekly Planner + Grid (019) but I moved away from it this year to “make my own calendar” which did not work for me. So I am going back to it next year.

    I love your ideas… and I have been working on my Phrenology Chart!

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    1. I love this!! Thanks for sharing your favorite inserts. It’s fun to see how people use the different inserts in their everyday life! I’m so glad you’ve been working on your phenology chart — I can’t wait to see the finished product!


  4. Hello 🙂 A fascinating post for me as I love new notebooks. My art journal is a Zen notebook, because it has lovely thick pages and a soft spine, so that it lays open flat for me … although a lot of my others (which are for writing in) are leuchtturm x

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  5. I don’t have quite the same level of angst, not being as structured a journaler as you, but I certainly appreciate a good notebook! As with any other hobby or pastime, having good-quality tools really does make a difference.

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  6. I LOVE how you added the space at the top for the early morning hours – brilliant! (I’ve been using them for habit trackers … and could for sure track those habits in a MUCH smaller space) and, not to dampen your enthusiasm for the TN format, but I think the dated weekly format will be a little more $$ when you get it before the year begins (not 10x, but maybe 2-3x?) STILL, I think it’s a great format for looking at the week – before it begins, and once it’s over. and that’s what a good system needs to do!

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    1. Thanks for the reality check on the cost. Both inserts were included in the package (January – June and July- August), but maybe the price was reduced because it’s so late in the year? The price will definitely be a factor when deciding between Hobonichi and TN!

      I LOVE being able to look back at my notebooks. It feels like time traveling when I pick up an old planner and see how I filled my days. It’s so much fun!


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