A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 37 of 2020

On Mondays I like to take a look at last week’s spread in my notebook. I’m back into my Hobonichi Weeks and tracking my writing time, habits, daily/weekly tasks, and meals. Meal tracking is new for me and I’m doing it because I’m slowly working towards a more plant based diet. Please read more to find out how!

You might remember that last week I switched over to a blank notebook to play with the layout and function of my notebook. I liked the blank notebook, but I realized that I could still use my Weeks and create nearly the exact same layout. The benefit of using the Weeks is that it’s already dated (I always make mistakes when filling out dates in blank notebooks) and it tracks the week number for me, which has been vital for my blogging practices over the last year. So I think I will order a new Weeks notebook for 2021 instead of using a blank travelers insert. Besides, I have this really nice cover that I ordered this year and it was a little bit pricey. I’d hate to stick it on a shelf somewhere!

This is the second week that I’ve tracked my daily meals. There are no restrictions in place yet — I’m moving super slowly as I continue to decide my end goal. So I’m just getting into the habit of tracking with no expectations yet.

My daily journaling streak continues – today’s entry marks 162 days! And happily – my daily step streak has ended. Last Friday I was super sleepy and went to bed early with 7,000+ steps. It’s a relief to see that one end and know that the pressure has been lifted. I’ve decided that I will no longer track my steps in my weekly planner because I’ve built a pretty good habit of getting lots of steps every day. So goodbye to that one! Whew!

The last piece of notebooks news for today is that I’ve finished copying over all of my 2020 Hobonichi Weeks daily entries into my 5 year memory book! Now I’m writing each daily entry into this memory book instead of my Weeks notebook and I’m so excited for 2021 to come around so that I can start to see my entries stack up! This notebook requires patience.

I’d like to invite you to share a recent blog post about your own notebooks. This is meant to be an opportunity to think more deeply about the role that journaling plays in your life and to share a bit of encouragement and inspiration with others. Feel free to click the link below to share!

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16 thoughts on “A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 37 of 2020

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  1. I thought about you a couple of weeks ago when I was feeling under the weather and broke my own step streak. While I’m not happy that you broke yours, I am glad that you’re okay with it. I try to remind myself that it’s a goal, not a must do, and not hitting it one day isn’t a personal failing. Some days are busier than others!

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    1. And sometimes it’s good to put your feet up and rest! I’d been thinking about just taking my watch off for a while, so I was relieved when that streak finally ended. It was something like 154 days!! And you’re totally right – it isn’t a personal failing. Just life!

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  2. The weeks format seems perfect for meal planning. I have not made my step count in 4 days since we cannot go outside and, even though I have a large house, getting 10,000 steps would be tough unless I walk in circles – comical too 🤣

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  3. Sometimes keeping track of things is counter productive. My son was making himself ill watching his heart rate on his watch. I told him to take it off. Heart rate no longer bugging him. Love that you are writing down your meals. Thanks for doing the in linx – I have added mine.

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    1. Thanks for adding your link!

      I agree about the tracking — I’ve reached a point with the steps that it’s pretty routing for me to get a high step number. I don’t need to fret about it anymore! Have a great week 🙂

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  4. oh my, your Sojourner cover is gorgeous – I’m glad you’ve decided to stick with the format! I also have issues getting dates right and will always opt for the dated version. When I first started using Traveler’s Notebooks, I used a weekly format that’s very similar to yours – and then when I ordered the next year, I mistakenly got vertical days instead of horizontal. I figured out a way to make it work and now I can’t imagine doing my calendar another way. (I could still use some … discipline? … in tracking habits!)

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    1. I saw the picture on your blog post on Monday and was intrigued. I’m about to read everyone’s posts from yesterday and can’t wait to see more!!

      I think the key to tracking habits is simply to tie it to something else you already do. I know you sit down with your notebooks nearly every morning. Maybe track yesterday’s habits before you open any other notebook? Go to bed with your tracker open on your desk so that it’s the first thing you see when you sit down with your coffee? Atomic Habits is full of good ideas for pairing new habits with those already ingrained. Good luck!

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  5. I am contemplating getting a Hobonichi-style calendar next year, I like the idea of having the dates/days ready for me. Less set up might be just the thing I need. I am also doing a “practice” run of your phrenology wheel next month, and it it goes well I will order the book you use!

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    1. ooohhh Kat – I hope you’ll share your wheel … I am intrigued and delighted by the ones I see (and a bit – a lot? – intimidated to try one on my own!)

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    2. I can’t wait to see if you decide on a Hobonichi! They are so beautiful!! And I’m hoping you’ll share your phenology wheel! I started one for September, but it’s the 17th and I haven’t even finished setting it up yet. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it this month!

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  6. I use a 5 year diary and I love it. I used the last one for four years, and while most days have enough space for a fifth year, I was excited to use the new one I had gotten. I have been using the new one for two years, but this year, I decided was crazy enough that I did not have to restrict myself to one year’s worth of space. That way I can add global events as well as personal ones. I like your idea of tracking your meals.

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  7. I don’t know what’s with the 5-year planners/notebooks, but I also caught the fondness for it! This made me get the Hobonichi 5-year notebook in the A6 size.

    I am not sure whether you’ve been into 5-year planning for quite some time now, but may I know how is it so far?


    – Tina

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    1. Hi Tina! I started mine in 2019 and abandoned it after about 3 months. I picked it back up in 2020 and have nearly completed a full year… I love it! And I’m excited to start 2021 because I’ll get the full effect of being able to reread each day’s previous entries as I go along.

      I’m so intrigued with the Hobonichi 5 year notebooks! They look gorgeous. I hope it’s working out for you!

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