A Look At Our Notebooks – Week 31 of 2020

Good morning! On Monday mornings I like to share the previous week in my Hobonichi Weeks. I sit down with this notebook every day and track my daily/weekly tasks, the habits I want to strengthen, and my writing time. I also write a few sentences about each day – gratitude, gripes, and anything in between! So please come into my burrow and see how the week turned out!

All in all, I can’t complain about the week! It was pretty muggy throughout, so I was fairly lazy earlier in the week, but picked up steam on Sunday and got a lot done. This is when it’s nice that I no longer “schedule” cleaning days – I would have gotten really discouraged by seeing all of those plans go by without getting done, but I knew that I could get cracking at any point and get the bathrooms scrubbed and all of that laundry folded without feeling too much guilt.

I managed to eat at home all week! That feels like a success! The whole point of this little habit, eating at home, was to transition to some other healthy eating goal. I think I’ve almost decided what that will look like, so I hope to be able to write a post about it in the next couple of weeks. But most importantly, writing something in my blog gives me a boatload of accountability, which is necessary in my life right now!

Despite pushing the snooze button a lot last week (and this morning my alarm didn’t even go off, so I’m playing catch up!), I still managed to spend a lot of time writing. I credit that to my kiddos sleeping in a bit and to that fact that I have so much swirling that I have no shortage of ideas lately. My goal this week is to not push snooze the next six days because I’m desperately behind in comments and reading other blogs. I really want to catch up with all of you!

And now it’s your turn to share what’s in your notebooks today! All journalers are welcome – whether it’s pictures of your diary, bullet journal, art journal pages, a tour of your Travelers Notebook… every paper lover is welcome! The purpose of these linkups are to share inspiration for other people who love notebooks and some gentle accountability for you – an opportunity to think and write about why you prioritize your time with pen and paper. I invite you to share a recent post in the linkup below!

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13 thoughts on “A Look At Our Notebooks – Week 31 of 2020

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  1. I started a new bullet journal on August 1. I don’t fill mine as quickly (or as neatly) as you do. But, the one that’s now ‘retired’ was started back in March of 2019, encouraged by someone I used to share my office with. 😉

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  2. I don’t share images of my journal, but I’ve kept up with it and have only four blank pages left in the notebook I started off the year with! Fortunately my husband has a stack of notebooks he’s acquired from various conferences and such, and I snagged a brand-new Moleskine from the pile for my next journal.

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  3. I am trying something new in my planner (which is the same layout as your weeks but in the standard size). This week I am trying to figure out what to do with all the stickers and stuff I have collected because I am not inclined to decorate much in my journal. I love the accountability here too.

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    1. The week layout is perfect for experimenting, isn’t it? I have a lot of washi tape and pretty markers, but I’m also not inclined to decorate despite loving what I see around the internet. I was relieved when I heard the phrase minimalist bullet journal — I’m not the only one!

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  4. I’ve taken a leaf from you. I list all the jobs to be done, then assign week numbers to them, and if it slips from one to another it doesn’t matter, and its helping me see things. Trying hard to find new routines in a new home during these strange times is taking a while, so thank you.

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  5. oh yay! I will certainly plan to join in once we’re no longer hosting camp for the little boys … maybe next week will be the last session.

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