Last week’s Hobonichi spread


Just wanted to pop in and share last week’s Hobo spread and check in on my productivity for the week. I read an amazing book (Sing, Unburied, Sing — but more about that soon!) that was short but very heavy, so it took the entire week. So I didn’t meet all of my reading goals, but I’m not too worried about it. It’s absolutely about quality and not quantity!


Writing Goals:

  • This year I plan to journal and set intentions 7 days a week.
    • I did it! I actually journaled every day last week. I almost missed Sunday, but was content to write a couple of pages while my husband watched the Super Bowl in the evening.
  • I will write three blog posts a week.
    • Done and done!
  • For one hour, three days a week, I will write something that is not blog-related.
    • Womp, womp. Totally missed this one again. But starting next week, I’m adjusting this goal to something that feels a bit more manageable. I’m going to write 1,000 words a week, ideally breaking it up into 200 words over 5 days. Wish me luck!

Reading Goals:

  • This year I’m aiming to read 65 books or about 1.5 books a week.
    • I finished one book and got about halfway through my current audiobook. While it doesn’t seem like much, I’m still on track to meet my yearly goal!
  • I’m aiming to read 500 pages a week.
    • This week I finished 287 pages – well short of my weekly goal, but I have enough cushion to make up for it.
  • I plan to tackle a difficult classic – War and Peace – by reading a chapter a day.
    • Last week I read 15 chapters, more than twice my goal! Each chapter only takes a few minutes, so it seemed silly to stop once I built up a bit a of momentum each morning.

This week’s takeaways:

I’m learning to adjust my expectations for the weekends. I have to be okay with journaling later in the day instead of first thing in the morning because I simply haven’t been able to get up as early as I’d like on the weekends. Besides, it’s kinda nice sleeping in with my husband home. Why skip that?!


Like I wrote earlier, I’m changing my non-blog writing expectations to something that will take much smaller chunks of time with the hopes that it will motivate me to work on other projects. Instead of continuing to struggle with this goal with no real plan for change, then I need to adjust it. We’ll see how this one works!

The week before last I finished three books – 2 YA novels and one handbook on purging stuff – and felt a bit guilty about reading “easy” things and getting “credit” for it with my reading goals. But then I have a week like this one when the book that I read was incredibly heavy and difficult to read in large chunks, and am reminded that I need those fluffy books to even out the heavy ones. So I need to lay off of myself and just read what I enjoy – no matter what!

How did last week go for you? Any big goals you’re trying to reach this week?


2 thoughts on “Last week’s Hobonichi spread

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  1. Reading is reading! Say it again! Graphic novels, poetry, self-help, YA… it’s ALL reading! 🙂 It’s taken me a long time to get to this point, by the way.

    I heard this today on What Should I Read Next?: “Reading is not a competitive sport.” I love that!


    1. You’re totally right – reading is reading! One day I’ll learn not to be so hard on myself…

      I love that quote! And it’s totally true. I wish I could internalize it just a bit more 🙂


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