More Witchiness

In my last post, I shared that I love reading about witches.  There are books and books of critical theory on witches and their symbolism.  Much of this became popular again with the release of The Witch (2015), a movie set in the 1600s that told the story of a family and their dance with witchcraft.  It got mixed reviews – it seems as though people either loved it (because they saw symbolism in nearly every scene) or hated it (because they thought it was trite and over the top).  I actually enjoyed it, but that’s because I’m a sucker for all things witches.

Seriously, all things witches.  Terrifying murderous witches; carefree witches that put spells in cookies; witches that are born with natural powers; witches that discover their powers a little later in life; witches that grow herbs in cute little gardens with picket fences and have little bunnies hopping around and deer nibbling on the grasses and chickens pecking the seeds and black kittens rolling around in the catnip.  Ahem.  Sorry about that one.

So you have to know, that as autumn approaches, I start wearing a little more black, wrap myself up in cozy woolens, and tuck myself into my bed and dream about my own little herb garden and how maybe, just maybe, I’ll be one of those witches that finds her power a little later in life.  Even though I have a black thumb and know that herbology wouldn’t be my strongest course at Hogwarts.

So all of this has put me in the mood to write a round up of some of my favorite witchy books.  My categories aren’t black and white – there are some books that could have gone in more than one category, but I just went with my first instinct.  I hope you enjoy this list and share some of your favorite witchy books in the comments!!










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