What I’m Reading Wednesdays

What I'm Reading Wednesdays

This Wednesday I am here to report that I am still reading The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling).  I love it when a book makes me want to pack up all of my things and move to a far away city; in this case: London.  Sure, I’ve always wanted to visit London so this only intensifies that desire.  I can feel myself climbing up the rickety stairwell to Cormoran Strike’s rundown little office.  I can imagine myself sitting in a cafe and interviewing potential witnesses for the case that I’m working on.

And isn’t that the wonderful thing about Rowling’s work?  You can feel the excitement when sitting in the dining room and the Sorting Hat is directing your destiny.  Your heart is pounding when faced with He Who Must Not Be Named.  You experience the angst and the frustration when you feel as though everyone is ignoring you while forming their own secret society.

While this book is nothing like the Potter series, Rowling proves that she can create more than a fantastical magical world.  She can use the mundane aspects of every day life to spin a fascinating tale within our own world.


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