Last week I set a goal for myself and have decided to use this space to keep myself accountable.  My goal is to spend 30 minutes reading and 30 minutes writing each day.  Here’s how I did last week:


I created this log for the rest of the year.  Each day that I meet my goal for an activity, I will put a check in the corresponding box.  It’s just the kind of thing that this list loving person lives for!!

You can see that I started out strong – Monday through Thursday I wrote and read for a half hour each.  Friday, I only read.  Through the weekend, I did neither!

Here’s my strategy for this week: convince myself just to start.  There was one day last week that I really didn’t want to write, but I decided to just open my Word document and see what happened.  I did some editing and added a few paragraphs… it wasn’t QUITE 30 minutes, but it was definitely better than doing nothing.  And I gave myself credit for that day because I like to be kind 🙂

Do you set reading and writing goals?  How do you structure yours? And how do you hold yourself accountable??


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