Lost in the Atmosphere

I keep getting great ideas for things to write about, but then they get lost in the atmosphere.  Does that happen to you?  This evening, while washing dishes, I thought “aha!  That is totally what I’m going to write about tonight.  It’s a great introduction post for my blog.”  And after the toys are put away, the boys are tucked into their beds, I’m showered, and the cat has his face in the center of my computer screen – poof!  It’s gone.


{My typical view while working at my computer}

And then it occurs to me that this has been the common theme my entire life!   There are so many things that I yearn to accomplish and it’s difficult to follow through on any of them.  Not to mention all of the areas where I focus my energy – my children, my husband, my home, my cat, my day job… My insides swirl just thinking about it.

So I say, “Crazy over achievers unite!!” What I love about the bookish community is how there is always inspiration around the corner.  Or each new tweet.  Or each new Insta pic.  The desire is there, the energy to follow through is the daily unknown.  There are days that my writing energy will be depleted by  this blog.  And that’s okay with me.  Any writing is good writing.  Same with reading.

My goals this year are to spend 30 minutes writing and 30 minutes reading each day.  This is usually late in the evening, after the boys are in bed.  It’s typically the most difficult time for me to stay focused and working, so my hope is to transition the writing goal to the early morning, pre-work hours, which is becoming more attainable as the littlest baby is now sleeping more predictably!

Now excuse me while I put my cat in the bathroom for a time out while I write a couple of unintelligible pages before wiggling back into my latest read, which I will share soon!


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