Making | 2022

I don't think of myself as a prolific maker, but goodness - I am eclectic! No wonder I always feel so scatterbrained - I have so many interests and allow myself to get pulled in so many directions. And the following is the result! I've done my best to look at the pictures I've uploaded... Continue Reading →

Favorite Books | 2022

I always hesitate to write these yearly wrap-ups before the year actually ends. What if the book I'm reading right now (Fellowship Point) deserves a spot on this list? (And it just might -- it is so good!) I suppose I could put it on next year's list if it stands the test of time?... Continue Reading →

October 2022 Reading

Thinking back to October, I'm reminded what a gorgeous month it was. It was an amazing start to fall - beautiful foliage, cloudy and rainy days. Perfect for curling up inside with a wonderful stack of books. It's fun to look back on October because November has started out decidedly un-fall like. It has been... Continue Reading →

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