2023 | What’s Saving My Life Right Now

February 2nd is considered the halfway point of winter -- the point at which we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Anne Bogel celebrates this milestone every year on her blog by sharing what's getting her through that particular winter. Tons of her readers share their own lists and blog posts... Continue Reading →

What’s Saving My Life | Spring 2022

I typically write about what's saving my life in February, which is when Anne Bogel does her annual link up to help us all through the winter doldrums. But I was inspired to do an updated version after listening to a recent episode of The Next Right Thing. Emily P. Freeman recorded her own version... Continue Reading →

The Simple Things in Life Are Saving Me

The news cycle is unrelenting. I find myself getting lost in the endless loop of Twitter - the same heartbreaking news stories and pictures, with several hundred different outraged people attached to them. My heart breaks with every scroll through social media. My outrage at America's willingness to vote a miscreant into office is renewed... Continue Reading →

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