April 2023 Reading Review & May Plans

Today is May 1st! It's a return to our typical routine and I am so relieved because I've missed sitting at the table and learning along with the kids. I feel so lucky to be able to homeschool and wouldn't trade it for anything. I know that breaks are just as important as routines so... Continue Reading →

March 2023 Reading Review

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was full -- busy with baking and cooking. Sometimes I don't enjoy those tasks, but I have been lately. I hope that feeling sticks for a while because it's a very big part of my job around here! And the best part is that the... Continue Reading →

January 2023 Reading Review

2023 has started off quite bookishly. I love putting together these monthly reviews, mostly because it's interesting to see what I actually remember about books after I've finished them. Luckily, I have my notebooks to help me fill in the cracks. This post was easy to write because all of the books were memorable! Addy's... Continue Reading →

December 2022 Reading

Happy New Year! I meant to spend this weekend catching up on blogs and comments, but I spent almost no time at my computer. The weekend was full of baking, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. and now I'm ready for the last day of our holiday before our typical routine resumes. Today's post is a quick... Continue Reading →

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