Bookish Chatter | Recently Finished and Currently Reading

Goodness! I feel like Alice falling through the rabbit hole. Time is slipping by so quickly and I'm trying hard to find my bearings. Wednesdays have been an anchor for me for a long time - it's always a big blogging day! Today I'm sharing the books I've recently finished and my current reading rotation.... Continue Reading →

Unraveled Wednesday | Moving Through May

Welcome to Wednesday, friends. I hope this week has been treating you well. As I type this introduction, a hummingbird is visiting the feeder stuck to my window so I can't complain too much! I'm here to share some of the reading and stitching I've done this week, thanks to Kat's Unraveled Wednesday linkup. KNITTING... Continue Reading →

Friday | Almost May

This week has been another cold one. Cloudy, windy, a few rain showers. I'm trying not to complain because the weather isn't anything worth complaining about. AND - I'd be really grateful for a day full of sunshine. Just putting it out there to the universe. But despite the gray and chill, we've got some... Continue Reading →

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