A Friday with Susan

After learning about Brain Pickings a few months ago, I went in search of as many interviews with Maria Popova that I could find.  One of the names  she kept mentioning as inspiration was Susan Sontag.  She described Sontag as a prolific reader - one who read 8-9 hours each day - which caught my... Continue Reading →

The Year of Magical Thinking

I was intimidated to pick this up.  Mostly because when I hear the name Joan Didion, I think of great literature, and then I automatically decide that it will be over my head.  But this was available on Overdrive and I realized that I had nothing to lose - it wouldn't cost me any money, I... Continue Reading →

In a Dark, Dark Wood

I have been seeing this book everywhere!   It looked perfect for me - super creepy, which is what I love.  So when I found it on Overdrive a few months ago, I put a hold on it as fast as my grubby finger could click on it.  And when I got the email that... Continue Reading →

Wuthering Heights — As An Adult

As I recently wrote, The Bronte Plot had me itching for some actual Brontes.  I decided to go with Wuthering Heights because it was shorter than Jane Eyre and thought that it would be more romantic. This novel was published in 1847 when Emily was 29 years old.  She died the next year (source).  Emily and... Continue Reading →

The Bronte Plot

After reading A Little Life, I was in the mood for something a bit lighter.  This popped up on the Modern Mrs. Darcy's Kindle deals list and I just knew that it was exactly what I was looking for.  And it was! Lucy lives in Chicago and works in an antique shop.  Her boss and... Continue Reading →

Picking Up Where You Left Off.

Late last year I wrote about participating in National Novel Writing Month.  So that means I’ve had a 50,000+ word document sitting in my Dropbox that hasn’t been touched since the end of November.  The reasons for this are innumerable: it’s been hard to regain the momentum that I had during NaNoWriMo; it’s been tricky... Continue Reading →

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