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February 2019 – Recent Books that I’ve Loved

The last month has been an incredible reading month for me. I have been starving for good books and was lucky enough to find quite a few. Thank you to the Modern Mrs. Darcy for hosting this monthly linkup! If you are looking for some book recommendations, click on over to her post and find… Continue reading February 2019 – Recent Books that I’ve Loved

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Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

I just love the research that Cal Newport does. He's all about getting the most out of our time and truly living the life that we want. Digital Minimalism is his latest effort to help us cull the distractions and focus on the things we truly value. The point isn't to necessarily stop using social… Continue reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

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Taking Inspiration from Maria Popova (again)

Lately I've been thinking about Maria Popova's interview with Krista Tippett that aired two years ago. I've been wanting to listen to it again but have found it difficult to find the right moment. But when I started this morning's pancakes and tapped into my podcast app to find something to listen to, guess what… Continue reading Taking Inspiration from Maria Popova (again)

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Build Writing Momentum with Morning Pages

Less than a month ago I was debating whether Morning Pages were still worth the time and energy anymore. At that writing, I recommitted myself to writing daily and promised to check in with my thoughts. Because I'm getting up to write morning pages, I've started cultivated a writing routine that I felt was impossible… Continue reading Build Writing Momentum with Morning Pages

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Educated by Tara Westover

Educated is one of those books that gives meaning to the saying "truth is stranger than fiction." I was amazed by this author's grace, courage, and ability to describe her family with the dignity that they deserve. Westover grew up in Idaho with survivalist parents. They were devout Mormons, but far outside of the mainstream… Continue reading Educated by Tara Westover

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Top 10 Tuesday: My Favorite Books of 2018

Welcome to Top 10 Tuesday! Every week, That Artsy Reader Girl assigns a topic for bloggers write about. This week, the topic is "Upcoming Releases That I'm on the Fence About", but I don't know enough about what's coming to be able to write a whole post on that. I realized that I never wrote… Continue reading Top 10 Tuesday: My Favorite Books of 2018