Friday Cozies

I like to share pictures from the week on Fridays. One of my 2020 goals was to take more pictures and use them in my blog -- these cozy Friday posts help keep me accountable! I don't have very many pictures this week because it's been wicked hot and we've stayed tucked under the air conditioner as much as possible, but I have pictures of my two youngest and the first few minutes of a monarch butterfly's life!

A Sunday Poem

Today I'm taking Bonny's lead and sharing a bit of poetry that has struck me this week. I've written throughout this blog and have filled your comment sections about the fact that I'm "not a poetry person." I don't usually understand it and I find it so intimidating (other than our poetry teatime where we... Continue Reading →

Friday Cozies – Week 32 of 2020

Fridays are for getting cozy around here! One of my 2020 goals was to take more pictures and to use them on my blog. In an effort to revel in daily life (trademarked by Kat), I've been sharing those photos on Fridays. This week was full of outside life - picking berries, finding caterpillars, and... Continue Reading →

July 2020 Highlights

Hello, August 2020! 2020 - The Year That Must Not Be Named. But I still like to take the time at the end of each month to round up a few of my favorite moments. Today I'm sharing three of the best books I read in July, my Phenology Wheel, spreads from my Hobonichi Weeks, two finished knitting projects (!), a video of my month of journaling, and a smattering of pictures. I've been working really hard to keep it cozy around here - even in July and especially in 2020!

2020-2021 Curriculum Choices

Today I'm sharing the first grade curricula we're using for the upcoming school year. There are so many homeschooling philosophies out there and I can't even pretend to understand them all. I'm drawn to two: Charlotte Mason and Classical Education. Charlotte Mason was a Victorian-era advocate for homeschooling. I'm most interested in her ideas around... Continue Reading →

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