A Week Of Success – Despite It All

Thursday morning brought a little taste of winter. We unexpectedly woke up to a light blanket of snow! And this morning is chilly and windy – I think it’s safe to say that winter has arrived in New Hampshire. I’ve stolen a few quiet moments this morning to catch up with blogs and to write down a few things about my own week. It’s been a hard week for so many reasons, but I have a few successes to share with you. I have my cup of tea ready to write this, so I hope you also have a cozy beverage nearby while you’re reading!

Thursday morning

Colton had his first dentist’s appointment on Thursday. I know, I know – he’s six years old and should have seen the dentist by now. But there are so many things going on with him that the idea of scheduling an appointment made me want to pull my quilt over my head. But we finally did it – we did the research to find an excellent special needs dentist in the area (just over an hour away); I gathered my courage to call, ask questions, and schedule the appointment; and then all five of us packed into the van and got on the road yesterday.

It’s a big challenge to even get him out of the van whenever we go anywhere new. And then walking through the door? Well, it’s an accomplishment. We’re the family that leaves echoes of screams everywhere we go, which isn’t easy for me. I’ve spent my life flying right under the radar — now everyone turns to look at us when we arrive anywhere. But with cajoling, we were able to sit in the waiting room. With lots of encouragement, we were able to enter the big double doors to head into the exam rooms. And with a lot of magic, Colton was able to sit in the dentist’s seat. With the help of songs, the Little Mermaid, and an amazing hygienist: Colton opened his mouth and let her gently brush his teeth. He even allowed some flossing.

I cried.

It was more of a success than I can describe. And I’m so relieved that it’s over and we don’t have to worry about it again until June!

There’s a little kitty that’s been hanging out in our backyard. This poor thing is super skittish and so tiny! So I’ve left little bowls of food for it in the shed and on our back step, hoping that it will curl up in the shed and find some warmth. Maybe even just walk in the back door and live with us forever? The food has been disappearing, but I wasn’t sure what was actually eating it. Thanks to the snow on Thursday morning, I was able to see its tracks come out of the shed, up to our back step, and then back into the shed. It’s working!

I shared a cheerful picture of my cutting table on Wednesday, but actually snapped it last week. I’ve done NO sewing this week. But I did manage to do some cross stitching, which I’m very excited to share with you!

I’m stitching Christmas On Shelves with Mary and look how tiny and cute! I have one more motif left to fill this shelf and then two more adorable shelves to add below it… And I have to learn how to do french knots without an embroidery hoop, which is proving to be more challenging than I predicted. But friends – this is a fun little project!

And this is my progress on Mighty Acorn, which can be found in Blackbird Designs’ Winds of Autumn booklet. I haven’t worked on this at all this week, but did manage to get the outline of a few leaves last week. I’m looking forward to returning to it, but am not sure… It doesn’t really feel autumnal outside anymore!

I’m considering putting this aside until next fall and giving Christmas on Shelves all of my cross stitching attention right now, with Winter Rose Manor at the ready when/if I finish.

To my cross stitching friends: do you do that? Even if you’re enjoying a project, do you put it away until the “appropriate” season and move on to something that reflects what’s actually going on outside? Or is it sort of a frivolous thing for me to do?

I’m working on a bookish post to share with you all next week – I can’t wait to start talking books again! I’ve been reading, reading, reading all sorts of things and I’m trying to sort out how I’m going to share them with you. So please stay tuned!

I hope the first weekend in December treats you well. Please stay cozy and safe!


14 thoughts on “A Week Of Success – Despite It All

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  1. I have a grandchild with autism and know what a great accomplishment that was! So relieved for you.

    Yes, I definitely put away cross stitch projects when they are out of season. It’s fun to come back to them the next year with some work already done. 😊

    Look forward to your thoughts on your recent reads!


  2. I’m so glad to hear the dentist appointment went so well. Going to a doctor or dentist can be hard with any kid, even when they don’t have any special considerations. Sounds like you have a great team!

    Your little cross stitch shelf is so adorable! And I’m looking forward to your reading update!


  3. I am so happy you were able to find a good dental team to care for Colton. I am praying for you and him and your family. God bless you.


  4. I wish I could just reach through the screen and give you a hug. My sister has multiple children on the autism spectrum, and I know that she feels deeply when others judge her without knowing her situation. I am so glad that you were able to find a specialist and a good team — I’m sure they’ve seen it all. I’m so glad it went well! That must have been such a burden off your shoulders. Hugs to you and hopes for a better week ahead ❤


    1. Torrie, thank you so much! I didn’t know that your sister also has children with ASD – it can feel so lonely, but I’m always surprised by how many of us there are! And I’m there with her – I feel so judged when we go anywhere and even within our family. So I’m thankful for this blog and my blogging friends – we all have so much in common!

      And you’re right about this particular dentist office: I think they’ve seen it all! They were beyond wonderful and I’m so thankful we found them.

      I hope you have a great weekend! I’m going through lots of flower catalogs, dreaming about spring. I also saw that you were reading Tasha Tudor’s Garden – one of my favorites 🙂 Enjoy!


  5. Such joy exuding from this post Katie and how wonderful for Colton! Your stitching looks fabulous and sounds like you might end up with a new fur baby 😊 I will say I am envious of your snow, I really miss snow ❄️


  6. My heart sings with joy for you this week! I knit in/for the season, and I imagine it makes sense to stitch for it, too. Your Christmas shelf looks so good … and tiny? … I’m using 14-ct Aida – what size are you using? and I have about 30 pages left in I Dream He Talks to Me. A trip to the dentist sounds like an amazing accomplishment for Colton and you – happy tears seem completely appropriate!


  7. Well done everyone on the dentist appointment, such an achievement for all involved. I love the cross stitch project. I find all Christmas related projects impossible to do after Christmas. Every year I think of starting in June only to end up in November before I start on them. Consequently I do have a few Christmas projects half done!.


  8. I’m so glad things went well for Colton at the dentist! It’s wonderful that you were able to find the right place for him.
    And the stitching looks awesome! I don’t work on many seasonal themed projects, but in general once I’ve started something and I’m enjoying it, I like to get it done. But crafting is such an individual thing – so who cares! If you only want to work on Christmas-y things in December – go for it!


  9. Bravo to you for being a brave mom and bravo to a dental office with caring staff! It makes it so easier to walk in the door! (and I say stitch what you want, when you want… and they are both so lovely!)


  10. So glad to hear the dentist appointment went well! We ended up with a cat just the way you described – so maybe it will stay forever! I don’t stitch a lot, but I definitely do the same with reading: I just can’t read a book set in the winter in the middle of summer.


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