Full of Joy Friday | Week 25 in 2021

Each Friday I try to share a few joyful moments from the week. I’m a little short on time, so this post will be short on words and full of pictures from my flower gardens.

But first: August has discovered the hummingbird feeder. This is where you’ll find him for the foreseeable future.

And I don’t have pictures of all of the lettuce and peas that we’ve been munching on. The vegetable garden is very happy so far this year! It makes for a busy and fun summer.

Do you enjoy growing flowers? Or do you have a vegetable garden going? And please tell me – where have you found joy this week?? I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


11 thoughts on “Full of Joy Friday | Week 25 in 2021

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  1. I can’t believe how quickly your garden grows. You had snow and wet for ages and then whoosh flowers and veg. Husband does veg I rescue flowers to plant and herbs. Not much joy this week, been trying to put together all my tax papers for the accountant and nothing is behaving. Best thing was my weekly swim!


  2. Ha, your cat has discovered Cat TV! We are getting a very late start on planting this year due to the roofing project, but we started some seeds earlier in the week. As expected, the radishes and peas are the early bloomers, so those will likely be planted outside soon. I’m waiting to see if we get anything growing from the lavender and bell pepper seeds. I’m setting my expectations very low this year because the timing wasn’t great. The good news is that the much-hated holly bushes/trees were removed from the front yard earlier in the week, and now there’s so much open space!


    1. August is a rascal! He hasn’t scared away the hummingbirds, luckily. They keep coming back. I’m glad you enjoyed the flowers – they have been such a joy for me this year.


    1. Thank you, Amy! It’s one of my favorite spots in the house, of course 🙂

      I’m adding hollyhocks to my list of flowers to plant next year – the pictures you shared on your blog are gorgeous! And I saw on someone else’s blog that they’re hollyhocks are 8 feet high – I’d like some height in my flower garden!!

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  3. Your garden looks amazing! I love seeing larkspur and snapdragons … too hot for them here. Marc does all our gardening – flowers, herbs, tomatoes, and peppers. I am happy to enjoy the many fruits of his labors!


    1. Thank you, Mary! I feel so lucky to be in a place that so many flowers love, even if it’s for a relatively short period of time. Watering them most mornings gives me a wonderful anchor to help build my day. Matthew does the heavy lifting in our vegetable gardening and I’m also happy to enjoy the produce that comes out of it 🙂


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