A Scrappy Crossroads Journey

My Scrappy Crossroads quilt had been one of my oldest unfinished projects. I’m happy to share that it’s finally completely finished! I rounded up as many pictures of the process that I could find and put together this post to share its journey.

Back in 2014, Lori Holt shared a Scrappy Crossroads tutorial. Many of you know how much I love scrappy quilts and, well, the more complicated the better. By early 2015, I was ready to start so I got to cutting up all of the pretty fabric that I could find and started pairing the squares, pressing, and then pairing again until I got lots of units with 4 pieces.

I gave birth to my second baby, Colton, in April 2015, went on maternity leave for a few weeks, and then went back to work later that Spring. Predictably, my sewing time plummeted, but I faithfully worked on the project in tiny bits through the following winter.

I finished piecing it all in February 2016, folded it up, and forgot about it. Mostly I was overwhelmed – it was mega sized! After taking it out in May 2018 during maternity leave for my third baby, I decided to rip out one column and one row to make it a bit more manageable. Those blocks are all still waiting to be sewn together as a mini quilt.

Last summer I decided it was time to get this project finished. I don’t have any pictures of the basting process because I hate it so much. The backing fabric is 108″ Bee Backings from Lori Holt, which I ordered from The Loopy Ewe in 2015 when they were still selling fabric. By September, I was ready to start quilting! I did simple diagonal lines that were lined up with the corners of the squares. It was difficult to physically maneuver the quilt, but I finished it by working on it 15-20 minutes at a time which made it more manageable.

And here it is – finally finished. This project has been in the back of my mind since January 2015 and it feels good to finally call it DONE. It measures 80×96 and weight 5.4 pounds! I usually choose white backgrounds, but chose to do this one in blue because I wanted something that we could just throw under the maple tree in the summer without worrying about dirty and grime. This is going to be perfect.

I saved all of the trimmings from the quilt and made two minis out of it. One quilt was just simple triangles and the other was a pineapple quilt, which you can see here. And of course, there’s another stack of blocks waiting to be turned into a third mini quilt from this project. That’s one of the benefits of making such a huge quilt – the scraps can all be reused!

Today I’m joining the Needle and Thread Thursday linkup hosted by Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation. Thanks for visiting today and following along!


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  1. Wow. Just WOW. It came out BEAUTIFUL, and thank you for giving us a glimpse of realising how much work it actually is! (I saw another sewing project on Kath’s blog yesterday and realised that this would not be my hobby, because I’d have to iron so much which is … something I avoid as much as possible. πŸ˜‰ ). The quilt is totally gorgeous. Are you going to use it in the master bedroom?

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    1. Thanks, Julia! I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I’m sure it will get good use πŸ™‚ I feel the same way about ironing and I NEVER iron clothes… only my quilt blocks, ha!

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  2. I am so amazed and awed by your quilting! I’m certainly familiar with long-term projects, but I don’t think I’ve ever done something that’s quite this magnitude! You should be proud of this quilt, and I hope you’ll be using it for many years to come.

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    1. Thanks, Kat! My quilting is far from perfect but… I do tend to be quite brave when it comes to quilting. I wish I could extend that to other areas in my life!


  3. That is one beautiful scrappy happy quilt. I like scrap quilts the best. Great job. Some projects take longer than others. When I get impatient, I remind myself that they take the time they take.

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  4. usually when I’m catching up, I save all the comments for the last post – but Katie, I couldn’t NOT leave a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on this one – WOW, the finished quilt is gorgeous. and I love picturing y’all lounging around on it, under a big tree, come summer. I know it will be a favorite family gathering place for years to come!

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