Unraveled Wednesday – Week 41 of 2020

Happy Wednesday! Each week I link up with Kat at As Kat Knits for Unraveled Wednesday – a gathering of readers and knitters sharing their recent projects. Today I have two finished books and a sewing project that I’m obsessed with!

Books Finished This Week:

Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase
I have to admit that I’m enjoying my Eve Chase binge over the last couple of weeks. She’s in the same vein as Kate Morton, Daphne du Maurier, and Sarah Waters. Black Rabbit Hall is another creepy, slightly gothic novel that’s all about family secrets and ancient homes. Told from multiple perspectives, we visit Black Rabbit Hall in the 60s after a tragic accident turns the Alton family’s life upside down. In the present day, Lorna remembers visiting Black Rabbit Hall with her mother as a child and obsesses over it as a wedding venue. Of course, these storylines collide in a spectacular, although a tiny bit predictable, way.

A Circle of Quiet by Madeleine L’Engle
The first in the Crosswicks Journals – named after the Connecticut country home that L’Engle often escaped to. This was quite lovely and made me wish that L’Engle was a friend. It was full of thoughts on religion that I wish I was smart enough to understand, because it might have answered some of my questions. I’ve underlined a ton and hopefully one day I’ll be able to return to those thoughts and understand a bit more.


Friends, I am smitten with this handsewing project. I have been sewing like a fiend and have made a lot of progress, although it might not be too obvious in this picture. I’ve been focused on filling in that top right quadrant with white hexies. My plan is to fill in the edges to make the quilt a rectangle rather than a diamond. It took 124 hexies to fill in that top quadrant!! If I stay focused, I think I might be able to finish this by the end of the year (staying focused is optimistic). Prepare to be inundated with (white) hexies over the next few months!

Short and sweet this week! I can’t wait to catch up with all of you and see what you’ve been working on lately. Enjoy the rest of your week!


17 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday – Week 41 of 2020

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    1. You’re totally right. I keep reminding myself that, too. And I don’t know why I’m in a rush to finish this all of a sudden… it’s already been 6 years. What’s a few more? 😉


  1. I loved A Circle of Quiet, and have always meant to read the rest of L’Engles’s Crosswicks journals, so thank you for the reminder. Your hexie quilt is composed of lovely colors and much interesting geometry. I look forward to seeing it each week!

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  2. Okay, I need to find A Circle of Quiet! Thank you! But, can we just stop one HUGE moment for that quilt?!? Wait… you are hand sewing it? I am humbled by your amazing stitching, Katie! I bow to your incredible ability!

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    1. Ha – it LOOKS very impressive, right?! But it’s really not that well done. I’ll probably write a blog post about all of the not-so-smart things I’ve done along the way :p


    1. Thanks, Jordy. I completely lose track of time when I’m working on it, especially when I have an audiobook going. But you’re right – it’s a great time to let those thoughts percolate!


  3. I have Circle of Quiet (actually all the Crosswick Journals) on my kindle and I’m saving it for a quiet couple of days (maybe they’ll come in early 2021?). and WOW, Katie, your hexie quilt is really coming along. You didn’t mention how many white hexies you have left and I hope that’s because you haven’t calculated the number. I’m sure it would be a BIG one. AND I’m sure you can finish this year!

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    1. I think you’ll love Circle of Quiet!

      I have at least 500 white hexies left to make and sew on. And then I’m planning to sew on an aqua border. And then maybe another ring of white hexies? We shall see what feels right at the time 🙂


  4. Your quilt is coming along. Sometimes hand sewing is just the thing. It’s nice you are enjoying it. I once enjoyed all of the Crosswick Journals, particularly The Summer of the Great Grandmother. Once upon a time I read some of the novels she wrote for adults – completely different from the YA ones. I admire an author who can write (or in her case wrote) so widely.

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    1. Thanks, Amy! It’s so hard to find the balance between everything calling out to us, right??

      Thanks for the offer to discuss some of my questions. I probably WILL take you up on it, but right now I’m not even sure if I can put my questions into coherent thoughts!

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