A Sunday Poem With The Frogs

(the banner picture is not mine, but it felt too perfect to pass up!)

Last Thursday, we spent some time at a local pond and walked on a very short trail through the woods. The next morning, I read the following poem in This Day: Collected and New Sabbath Poems:

1980, Poem IV

The frog with lichened back and golden thigh
Sits still, almost invisible
On leafed and lichened stem,
Its sign of being at home
There in its given place, and well.

The warbler with its quivering striped throat
Would live almost beyond my sight,
Almost beyond belief,
But for its double note —
Among high leaves a leaf,
At ease, at home in air and light.

And I, through woods and fields, through fallen days,
Am passing to where I belong:
At home, at ease, and well,
In Sabbaths of this place
Almost invisible,
Toward which I go from song to song.

– Wendell Berry, 1980

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope the beginning of the week treats you well.


8 thoughts on “A Sunday Poem With The Frogs

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  1. what a perfect pairing! it’s always a treat to find a poem in my feed reader, and for sure one by Wendell Berry is a special treat. Thank you!

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