Unraveled Wednesday – Week 33 of 2020

On Wednesdays I link up with Kat at As Kat Knits to share my reading and stitching projects for the week. This week I’m sharing a new binge-worthy series, two knitted sleeves and a hem, and a sewn skirt!

Finished Reading This Week:

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to try the Maisie Dobbs series! I read the first one on audio this week and am in love. Set between the two world wars, Maisie has set up shop as a private detective and her first case hits close to home for her. She investigates The Retreat – a sanctuary for men badly disfigured while fighting in WWI. This is the perfect set up for the author to give us Maisie’s backstory. She’s one incredible person and I cannot wait to read more. I was able to check off one more summer bingo square with this one – Title that’s a character’s name – which gave me two more bingos. Only two squares left to clear my card and I’ve already started both of those books! I hope I’ll be able to share one or both with you next week.

And please don’t forget that my reading spreadsheet is linked to my blog and can be found on my 2020 Reading Page. I’m tracking all sorts of variables because tracking is my life!


I have two sleeves and a hem finished on my Spark Cardigan! That hem took much longer than I expected and I’m beginning to think that I should have made one size smaller? Oh well – it’s a cardigan and if it’s too big then it will just be that much cozier. We’ll see how much further I get this week!

please ignore the chaos on the bookshelves and the bleach stain on my t-shirt! But they both totally capture my life right now.

After reading everyone’s blogs this week, it seems like many of us have been turning to our sewing machines. Several weeks ago (probably over a month) I cut out the pieces for the Rae Skirt from Sewaholic. It’s a “true beginner” pattern, yet I’ve made about 5 of these over the last few years and am still not confident with it. I finally got all the pieces sewn together over the last several days – seriously, sometimes it’s been just one seam a day. I inserted pockets into the pattern thanks to Mrs. Google’s help and they turned out better than I hoped! This is definitely my best effort because all of my other Rae skirts have ended up in the trash. This one is comfy and the perfect length for me. Plus – the pockets give me a place for my phone, which makes the skirt even more enjoyable! I’m very pleased with how this one turned out!

My daily summer uniform has been leggings and sleeveless tunics. I’d love to sew a tunic for myself but I’m terrified. Thanks to Kat’s posts last year, I bought Lotta Jansdotter’s Everyday Style back in December but still haven’t sewn anything from it. I’m so overwhelmed! I really want to try the Esme Tunic but am scared. Yesterday I took out the pattern pages and became even more overwhelmed. Oof. I’m giving myself just one goal for the week: identify and trace the pattern pieces for the Esme tunic.

That’s all. Totally doable right? I get discouraged because the simplest garment sewing takes me a very long time and is hardly ever wearable, so it feels like wasted time and money. I get agitated because I use my sewing space so irregularly and can never remember where anything is, so things taken even longer because I’m always hunting for what I need — that drives me crazy! And then I think about what I could be accomplishing in that time period by reading or knitting instead… so it never feels like a worthwhile choice for me. But I also know that I really want to be able to sew my own clothes and it only takes practice. So I’m going to do my best to practice without getting mad!! And of course, all of you posting about your own sewing adventures is encouraging for me, so thank you!

How has your week been? I can’t wait to see what projects and books you’ve been tackling this week. I’m planning to be back on Friday to wrap up my week with some cozy pictures. We haven’t spent much time outside lately because it’s so hot and muggy, but know that I’m dreaming about coffee on the front steps, tea parties under the maple tree, and being wrapped in wool. Stay cool and safe, everyone!


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  1. Love your Spark Cardigan and laughed out loud about your sewing travails (sorry — guess it’s mean to laugh at anyone’s travails, but there it is)! You are a brave woman to take on something new and challenging with everything else on your plate, and I loved this post! Meanwhile…KAMALA! 🙂

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  2. I love the new skirt and am full of admiration for you. Me and sewing are just the same as you, scary new sewing machine ( now nearly 8) still terrifies me. Love the pattern on the cardy too. Hot and muggy in England too, roll on September!

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels intimidated about sewing. I spent several years quilting intensely, so I’m pretty comfortable with my machine but garment sewing feels totally over my head!!

      We’re nearly halfway finished with August already — September will be here so soon!


  3. I love your cardigan – the colours are perfect. Your new skirt is lovely – and all skirts definitely need pockets! I can totally understand your sewing reluctance. It is so demoralising when you make something and it just looks rubbish. Fitting is my problem. I can never seem to get the right size. But I really want to try some more sewing – so you have inspired me! Enjoy Maisie Dobbs – I love her too.

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    1. Thanks Jayne. Fitting is always a big part of my problem too! And all of the practice sewing is so expensive when you can’t even wear the finished garment. Yay for more Maisie Dobbs fans!


  4. I have not yet ventured into sewing garments just yet, though I’d like to (I think I need to find something very easy and forgiving for my first foray). But I did sew some masks earlier in the week and listened to an audiobook while doing it, so I felt like I was being very productive.

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    1. Nice work, Sarah! I can listen to audiobooks when I’m quilting but not when I’m garment sewing. I tried the other day and then realized that I had no idea what was going on in my book because I was so focused on figuring out what to do next with that skirt!


  5. I totally get this! I got very excited about sewing this weekend and bought stuff for a shirt, then made two masks and umm… I don’t know about making a shirt. I feel like I’m not very good and it’s so much more permanent than knitting haha. But I have a goal to cut the pieces out this weekend and we’ll go from there!


    1. I totally agree. And also – what happened to the idea that it was cheaper to make your own clothes? It’s absolutely NOT cheaper. The fabric costs more than anything I’d actually buy in a store and then there’s the cost of the pattern and all the labor that goes into it (which is a LOT of labor for me!). Same as knitting – it’s not a cheap hobby.

      Good luck with your shirt! I keep reminding myself that it’s supposed to be fun and relaxing, but….

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      1. I sewed the majority of my own clothes through college but then pattern prices kept creeping up and as well as the cost of fabric. I am happy to have found a few patterns that I can make over and over, creating my own uniform..


  6. I agree that sewing is a mixed bag. Technically I can sew but the fit is the challenge. That said, your skirt looks great. Enjoy Maisie, she is one of my favorites.


  7. Okay… this is your Phone-a-Friend… I am here to talk you through what to do with those pages of patterns! (Start with going to Amazon and searching for Swedish Tracing Paper – which is not paper at all but the most incredible stuff!) I am just a phone call away with HELP for you! XO

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    1. You’re so kind, Kat! Thank you for offering so much help. But I think I’m going to step back from sewing right now and then I’ll be right back in this exact same place in about a year, ha! And thanks for the tip about Swedish Tracing Paper – that looks so amazing! Sewable??!!


  8. I’m new here. Found your blog from Modern Mrs. Darcy. I have sewing trauma so I understand, it started in the 7th grade and I am 53. Start easy, I made 115 masks and gained confidence there, I quilt and have also gained confidence there. I am a knitter as well. I have had so many knitting fails but I soldier on! Keep at it and your confidence will grow.

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  9. Love the skirt. I’ve got pieces for a new skirt sitting on the ironing board, all pinned to set in pleats today (It’s a style from the 1940’s). I got a new machine yesterday. Hubby joked and asked me this morning when I was actually gonna take it out of the box. LOL! I am a sew by hand type of girl… I sew very fine stitches, smaller than the machine and less frustrating. So, I’m going to unbox today, and see about using it on this new skirt. I applaud your knitting. I haven’t knit a full sweater since… ach, but I’m old… must be 35 yrs ago. You’ll have to post a pic of what this “Esme” tunic looks like. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the reading note: I’ll see if I can check it out on my tablet.


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