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Today I’m linking up with Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl and sharing the books that are going under the Christmas Tree tonight. I have a confession to make: I don’t like owning books. I think books are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but I am really affected by my environment – if things feel out of sorts in my home, then my emotions quickly follow suit. I also think books are meant to be shared and used often, which doesn’t happen if they’re stuffed on a shelf. But I love buying books for my children because they get read often and this holiday season is no exception.

We’ve owned Chicka Chicka Boom Boom since my oldest was born (it was a gift from the hospital), but my middle child and his love of ripping paper has done a number on it. And since we’ve been renewing Chicka Chicka 123 from the library for about two months now, I’ve decided it’s time to refresh our copy of Boom Boom and add 123 to the collection. To top it off, I’ve also gotten Boom Chicka Rock which we haven’t read, but is a part of the Chicka Chicka family. (This was a totally ridiculous paragraph.)

This is another that my oldest (6) has been renewing at the library for months. He obsesses over the pictures in here. It seems like a pretty good book to have in our home because it answers a lot of questions about the body. He loves keeping it open on his bed at night and slowly flipping through it. He absorbs a surprising amount of knowledge just from the pictures!

This one might be more for me than them, but I thought it would be a great addition to our field guides. Since reading Wendell Berry earlier this year, I’ve been keen on getting outside more often and appreciating what’s around me. I’m hoping this book will enrich that experience for all of us, as well as give my children some practical knowledge that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Another that might be more for me! I adore Brambly Hedge and wanted more books in the series — I can’t wait to crack this set of books open and admire all of the beautiful art and go on adventures with those lovely little mice in Brambly Hedge.

We could all use a little more mindfulness in our day, right? I’m hoping to incorporate this into our reading time when we sit down for breakfast in the mornings. It looks cute, fun, and practical.

Can you believe that I’d never read this book until recently? My oldest came home from school talking about it – I guess they read it in class. So when we went to the library and I saw it in the kid’s poetry section, I added it to our stack of books to borrow. That was about a month ago, so this is yet another that we’ve been renewing over and over because my oldest enjoys it so much.

I love looking for books for my family that can be read over and over, enjoyed by everyone, and will leave a lasting impression throughout their lives. What are your favorites to share with children?


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  1. I love your thoughts on owning books. I do really like to own favorites and I think it’s cozy to have a shelf of books. But I don’t just buy and keep everything like I used too. I hope your children will love these books ans you all have a wonderful Christmas! šŸ™‚

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    1. Books are SO COZY and beautiful! I totally agree. Which is why I find it so weird that I don’t actually like owning them, haha. I love that you release your books back into the wild. I love when people share books!! Thanks so much for the Christmas wishes. I hope the same for you!

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  2. Beautiful list of books! Good Night Moon was one we owned – and almost all of the Eric Carle books! I had some books that also rotated in and out depending on the season. (The Mitten was a huge favorite as was The Snowman – a book with no words, which my kids loved to make up the story as they went!)

    Thank you for sharing these awesome books!

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  3. Sorry, but I really HATE “The Giving Tree” with a passion! Instead, I’d read my kids “The Sneeches and Other Stories” by Dr. Seuss, which is all about accepting the other and understanding. But hey, to each their own. Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays!

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    1. People have such a passionate reaction to Giving Tree! My son’s teacher read it to them in school and he came home talking about it, so he really enjoyed it. We also have The Sneeches, which is a GREAT story – thanks for the recommendation!

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  4. I always buy a book for my kiddo, too. This year she’s getting her first YA read from: On the Fence by Kasie West. I also got her a book about the ocean because she wants to be a marine biologist. I love buying books for kids!

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  5. Ha ha, I am with Davida, I hate the Giving Tree too. šŸ™‚ It’s one book that totally divides people! How interesting that you don’t like owning books. I do like owning books, but our house is tiny and has not enough bookshelf space, so I’m always trying to cull my books. If I genuinely think I’ll reread the book, I’ll keep it. But if not it goes to the Friends of the Library or my mom’s church library. I think I have a harder time getting rid of my son’s books than my own – sentimentality!

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    1. I totally agree about the children’s books! I haven’t really had to cull those yet because I just keep having more babies who appreciate all of the books that my oldest has grown out of, haha.

      So many people hate The Giving Tree and I can totally see why. But my oldest loves it – mostly the idea that the tree can talk and he loves watching the boy grow older.


    1. I totally get it too… but I also love the my son loves reading anything, so onward we go! I LOVED I Love Your Forever as a child, but haven’t read to my kiddos yet. Maybe I need to steel myself before jumping into it šŸ˜‰

      Thanks for your TTT link and I hope you’re having a great week!

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