The Simple Things in Life Are Saving Me

The news cycle is unrelenting. I find myself getting lost in the endless loop of Twitter - the same heartbreaking news stories and pictures, with several hundred different outraged people attached to them. My heart breaks with every scroll through social media. My outrage at America's willingness to vote a miscreant into office is renewed... Continue Reading →

The Remains of the Day

I've been wanting to read The Remains of the Day for years, but can't remember where I first heard about it. I've scoured my public library, overdrive, and used bookstores looking for a copy, but never had any luck. Last week I decided to just bite the bullet and buy the Kindle edition. I've read... Continue Reading →

June 2018 QuickLit

Today I'm linking up with Anne Bogel to share the books that I've been reading lately! If you're looking for some great reading ideas, head over to the Modern Mrs. Darcy and check out the links in her Quick Lit post - I promise you'll find something! It's been a couple of months since I've... Continue Reading →

In The Distant Hours, the Blythe sisters worry that they won't recognize when they officially become "old" so they come up with a list of "old people" characteristics that will help them know. One that has stuck with me: a person is old when they have to sit down to put on their underwear*.  Well,... Continue Reading →

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