Sunday Check In

(yes, that's my child with a toilet plunger on top of his head.) I've abandoned my blog! These last few weeks have been really hard for me in a lot of ways. It's been a total jungle in my home since my two year old learned to open doors. He's a slippery little sucker who... Continue Reading →

Last week’s Hobonichi spread

  Just wanted to pop in and share last week's Hobo spread and check in on my productivity for the week. I read an amazing book (Sing, Unburied, Sing -- but more about that soon!) that was short but very heavy, so it took the entire week. So I didn't meet all of my reading goals,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Tarot Inspiration

How does the weekend always go so fast?! Yet, here we are again - dragging ourselves out of bed and pouring cups of coffee to jump start the day. But perhaps you're not? Perhaps you're already looking forward to what's coming your way this week? I hope it's the latter for you! I'm excited to... Continue Reading →

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