January Intentions

I realize that we are nearly two weeks into January so it's a little late for me to be sharing these, but something that I'm hoping to set each month is a new set of intentions and mantras.  There's a lot out there about the Law of Attraction - basically, what you put out into... Continue Reading →

Quality of

I am eternally grateful to Laila at Big Reading Life who recently reminded me that I can listen to On Being via Podcast. Have you ever listened to  any of the episodes?  It's hosted by Krista Tippett and interviews all sorts of people with the intent to try to understand the meaning of life.  There is a spiritual... Continue Reading →

Lake People

Last week I finished a book called Lake People by Abi Maxwell.  It was recommended to me by a friend in the spring but I completely forgot about it.  And there I was on Tuesday, wandering around the public library, when I practically ran straight into it.  Well, not really, but it was right on... Continue Reading →

Final 2016 catch up

I never actually finished writing about all of the books that I read in 2016!  I have two to share today - one that I finished and one that I didn't. I listened to The Trespasser by Tana French on audio, which had its downsides.  It was about twenty hours long!  I thought that I'd never finish... Continue Reading →

2017 Goals

Happy New Year!  2017 is finally here and I am stoked for a ton of reasons.  New years always feel like a fresh start.  I love setting specific and measurable goals (can't you tell that I work in Quality Assurance?) and plugging away to reach them.  I know that this is a reading and writing... Continue Reading →

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