Queen of the Tearling

I am so happy that I read this book.  Other than the Song of Ice and Fire series, I don't typically read fantasy books even though I've always wanted to.  I've never had one hold my attention, but this one had just enough magic, intrigue, politics, and drama to keep me engaged. This has a... Continue Reading →

The Guest Room

  After my last Bohjalian experience, I was eager to devour another novel by him.  Even though there were some unsettling story lines in The Night Strangers, I LOVED it.  I thought Bohjalian was especially gifted at transporting the reader into his stories and allowing you to feel as though you're experiencing the same emotions as the... Continue Reading →

Standing In Solidarity with GoT Purists

I wrote in a recent post that I decided to continue reading the Game of Thrones series, which I had long since abandoned.  I read the first three books in 2012 and just couldn't get myself motivated to trudge through the fourth book, while my husband zoomed past me and gobbled down all five books that summer.... Continue Reading →

Vinegar Girl

This is the third book in the Hogarth Shakespeare series - an effort to bring William Shakespeare's life to work in modern ways.  It will be released on June 21, 2016. Thank you to LibraryThing and Penguin Random House for sending me this book and giving me the opportunity to write about it! Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler is a... Continue Reading →

Two more finishes

Since last night, I finished two more books!  This is an unscheduled blog post, but I know if I wait too long to write this up, then I won't have anything meaningful to say about either of these! Spark Joy by Marie Kondo: this is Kondo's follow up to her mega hit The Life-Changing Magic of... Continue Reading →

What I’m Reading Wednesday

Oh boy.  Make a cup of tea, because I have so much to share!  Reading slump: OVER.  This is what happens when I go on vacation and am only responsible for keeping myself busy. Leading up to this trip, I carefully made a list of the books that I wanted to read and dreamed about... Continue Reading →

Catching Up!

Dear Friends, Sorry for my recent silence.  I've had a wonderful and busy couple of weeks.  My last day at my full-time job was on Friday, May 27, and then my husband and I flew away to tropical paradise the next day!  We returned last Thursday and have been cuddling our babies and recovering from... Continue Reading →

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