What I’m Reading Wednesday

If you're like me, you usually have a few different books going at the same time.  Usually I'm reading fiction because non-fiction is typically not what I'm looking for when I'm trying to unwind.  But right now, I have two non-fiction books in the mix! (1) The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin - I learned about this... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday

This is my very first link up!!  Today I'm linking up with The Broke and The Bookish to share 5 of My Most Recent Five Star Reads and 5 Books That I'm Still Trying to Finish! Five Most Recent Five-Star Reads: (1) The Cruellest Month by Hazel Holt This was my first Hazel Holt novel.... Continue Reading →

Lost in the Atmosphere

I keep getting great ideas for things to write about, but then they get lost in the atmosphere.  Does that happen to you?  This evening, while washing dishes, I thought "aha!  That is totally what I'm going to write about tonight.  It's a great introduction post for my blog."  And after the toys are put... Continue Reading →


Dear Readers, Welcome to Never Listless!  I am a person who loves lists and I have all of the notebooks to prove it.  Long, long ago, I was an avid reader.  Distractions in life have shifted my focus elsewhere, as have my own self-doubts about my ability to read Any Great Work. Over the last... Continue Reading →

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